EarlyZ menu 

9am-11am Mon-Sat

served all day Sunday

full English Breakfast            £4.95 (Tea/americano included before 11am Monday - Saturday)                              Egg, bacon, sausage, hash brown, black pudding, beans, tomato and mushrooms and slice of thick hand cut white or granary toast.


(thick hand cut white or granary)

Toast and butter                slice 75p

Toasted teacake                      £1.00

Beans on toast                        £2.80

Fried, scrambled or poached egg on toast                                       £2.80

Bacon on toast                        £2.85

Sausage on toast                    £2.95

Smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toast                                  £4.45 Cheese on toast (served with salad and coleslaw)                                   £3.35     

Extra itemZ

Egg, bacon, hash brown, black pudding, beans, tomato             60p

sausage                                   £1.10

Daytime menu


Italian style pressed Panini bread, served warm with salad garnish and homemade creamy coleslaw. Add a small sideZ of chips to YOUR plate for only £1.25

Deli smoked bacon with creamy brie & pesto                           £5.45

Tuna cheese melt                                .                                              £5.25 

Goats cheese & chunky tomato chutney                                                                                                         .                                              £5.25

Roast chicken breast, deli bacon, tomato & cheese                    £5.45


Crisp baked baguette, loaded with your choice of filling and served with a salad garnish and homemade creamy coleslaw. Add a small sideZ of chips to YOUR plate for only £1.25

sausage, onion & mustard mayo .               .                                             £5.25

chicken Caesar & fresh Parmesan  .                                              £5.45

Goats cheese, smoked bacon & pesto                                      £5.45

Blue cheese & caramelised red onion                                     £5.25

Sausage, Danish bacon, egg & tomato                                   £5.25

Tuna mayonnaise & red onion       .                                              £5.25

Coronation chicken               £5.25

Ham, tomato & wholegrain mustard mayo                       £5.25

Prawns Marie Rose                £5.25

Smoked salmon & cream cheese    .                                              £5.25

Cajun chicken, roasted red pepper & sour cream                         £5.45


Chips                                      £1.95

Coleslaw                                £1.50

Humous & sliced baguette    £2.95

Homemade onion rings         £2.25

Garlic Ciabatta bread            £2.45

Cheesey garlic Ciabatta        £3.45

Dressed House salad            £2.95

Sautéed mushrooms             £2.45


Huge salad bowl with chunky hot crusty bread

Chicken Caesar                      £6.95 

Chicken & bacon                    £6.95

Seafood                                  £6.95

Sausage onion & mustard     £6.95

goats cheese, sundried tomatoes & balsamic vinegar                £6.95


Flour tortilla packed with your choice of filling served with a salad garnish and homemade coleslaw. Add a small SideZ of chips to YOUR plate for only £1.25

Cajun Chicken, sour cream & roasted pepper                      £4.45

Chicken Caesar                      £4.45

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber                               £4.25

Ham, tomato & mustard mayonnaise                           £3.95

Tuna mayonnaise & red onion         .                                              £3.95

Black pudding, mixed cheese & tomato chutney                     £3.95

Humous & homemade red onion jam                                         £3.95

Prawn with Marie Rose or sweet chilli dressing                        £4.45


Oven baked jacket potato served with salad and homemade coleslaw

Cheese & beans                     £3.75

Tuna mayo & red onion        £3.75

Crispy smoked bacon, brie & tomato                                   £4.55

Coronation chicken               £4.55

Egg mayonnaise (add deli bacon 80p)                                        £3.75

Prawns & smoked salmon     £4.55

Goats cheese, bacon & pesto  .       .                                              £4.55


Thick sliced freshly baked white or granary handcut bread with a salad garnish and homemade coleslaw. Add a small portion of chips on YOUR plate for only £1.25

Egg mayonnaise (add deli bacon 80p)                                        £3.35

Coronation chicken               £3.75

Tuna mayonnaise                  £3.55

Ham & tomato                       £3.55

Chicken & stuffing                £3.75

Cheese & onion                     £3.75

Prawns Marie Rose                £3.75


 A la carte

(Available from 11.30 am)


Chef's soup £3.95 homemade soup served with a crusty roll & butter

Sweet chilli prawns or classic prawns cocktail £3.95                                 juicy coldwater prawns tossed with sweet chilli sauce served in a poppadum or try the classic with Marie Rose, both served with a mixed leaf salad garnish.

Potato Wedges £3.95 Crispy wedges of potato grilled with creamy brie and smoked deli bacon topped with sour cream.

Fishcakes £4.95             Chef's choice of fishcakes, homemade tartar sauce and mixed salad garnish

Cheeses £4.95               freshly breaded fried cheese served with homemade red onion jam and aged balsamic syrup. Ask for today's choice of either Goat cheese or Brie.

Lamb koftas £4.95             Lightly spiced grilled lamb koftas served on a mixed green salad with cucumber & sour cream dip.

Chef's pâté £4.45          Chef's choice of pâté topped with pink peppercorn butter, served with a crusty hot bread and homemade onion chutney.

Chicken skewers £4.95                          Marinated Tandoori chicken breast skewers with a mixed leaf salad garnish and a cool sour cream dip.

Mushrooms £4.95 sautéed Mushrooms with garlic & fresh herbs, served on a chunky garlic ciabatta.

Mushrooms à la crème £4.95         sautéed Mushrooms, garlic, herbs and fresh thick cream served on a chunky ciabatta.

Wexford Mushrooms £5.25                  sautéed Mushrooms coated with blue cheese and green peppercorn & cognac sauce, finished under the grill & served with a crusty brucetta.

Bakes £4.95

Chorizo & tomato bake - spicy spanish sausage baked with parmentier potatoes and a red onion & tomato sauce

stilton & roasted red pepper bake - oven baked blue cheese, roasted red pepper, fresh cream, garlic & sliced potato


Fish & chips £8.95    Freshly batted fish, served with chips, mushy peas & homemade tartar sauce.

Scampi £6.95 (2 for £12)                            Wholetail scampi served with chips, peas & homemade tartar sauce.

Salmon Wellington £9.95                             salmon fillet stuffed with wilted spinach & cream cheese encashed in a crisp filo pastry, and accompanied with chef's creamy pesto mashed potatoes.

Haddock parcel £9.95  Oven baked Haddock fillet stuffed with smoked bacon & creamy brie, seved with a fresh parsley sauce and chef's potatoes & seasonal vegetables.

Chicken & Goats cheese £8.95 (2 for £12)                       Fresh chicken breast wrapped with Parma ham and topped with grilled goats cheese and served with dauphinoise potatoes.

Chicken & Chorizo £9.95                                 fresh chicken breast stuffed with chorizo & served with a pink wine & fresh cream tomato sauce.

Roasted chicken £9.95                                Roasted fresh chicken supreme with a pancetta cream & wine sauce.

Chicken Arribatta bake £6.95 (2 for £12)                      Penne pasta with fresh chicken breast slices in chef's tomato sauce baked with a mixed cheese & breadcrumb top.

Homemade Lasagne £7.95 (2 for £12)         Layered beef lasagne (not just how momma made it because momma did make it) served with a chunky garlic ciabatta.

Goats cheese pasta £6.95                                goats cheese, sundried tomato & pesto pasta topped with black pepper & fresh parmesan.

Hot Pain Rustics

Steak £7.95                   Sliced rump steak on  a French bread roll with sauteed mushroom, roasted onion & mustard mayo served with chips, salad garnish & homemade coleslaw.

goats cheese & roasted pepper £6.95             Roasted peppers loaded with baked goats cheese on a pain rustic served with chips, salad garnish & homemade coleslaw.

Burgers £7.95 (2 for £12)

Angus Aberdeen Beef Burger - topped with mixed Cheshire cheese & red onion jam.

Chicken & bacon- Freshly made shredded chicken breast & bacon burger ropped with or without blue cheese and onion rellish

Vegetarian Bean Burger- Topped with homemade red onion jam

Ham & Egg £6.95 2 for £12)                               Freshly carved Wiltshire ham served with egg, chips and peas

Mushroom Stroganoff £6.95 (2 for £12)        Sauteed mushrooms in a paprika cream sauce served with fluffy white rice.

Roasted Courgette & red onion tartlet £7.95               Courgettes roasted with red onions, garlic, herbs & feta cheese all wrapped a crisp filo tartlet

Wexford Steak £13.95 Welsh Black Rump steak topped with blue cheee, roasted field mushroom and creamy green peppercorn & cognac sauce.

Steak & chips £11.95   Juicy Welsh Black Rump steak basted and grilled to your liking served with chips, roasted field mushrooms, sea salt & peppered tomatoes. (see sidez for sauces & butters to compliment your steak)

Steak & pate £14.95    Rump steak topped with chef's choice pate & mushrooms smothered with a rich shiraz wine sauce, served with chef's dauphinoise potatoes & seasonal vegetables.

Surf & Turf £15.95           8oz Rumps steak & wholetail scampi served with your choice of potatoes & mixed leaf salad or vegetables.


£3.50 (including selected drink and ice cream)

Tomato pasta served with garlic bread, salad and topped up with cheese

Beef burger served with chips and peas or salad

sausage and chips with peas, beans or salad

Chicken dippers. Whole chicken breast, freshly battered, served with chips and peas, beans or salad

Fish goujons. Freshly battered haddock fillet served with chips and peas, beans or salad


2 Main course for £12.00

Available Monday to Saturday from 11.30 am until 7.30 pm

All homemade Sunday roast

only £6.95

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